We bring you TryOnce Fresh Milk. Straight from our indigenous breeds of cows  to your house. We deliver farm fresh cow milk to your doorsteps every day, across Kochi,Kozhikode,Trissur and palakkad.Our company motto itself is “It’s not farm milk, its farmers milk” We partner with selected farmers from our Indian villages. We provide scientific guidance on natural grazing techniques, milking, best practices, etc. to ensure that the milk is natural and fresh. We ensure that the milk reaches us within 2 hours from the time of milking. We test it for quality, chill it below 4 degrees celsius and pack it in sanitized glass bottles. These glass bottles are again kept in cold storage, transported in reefer trucks and delivered to your doorsteps in insulated delivery bags. The cold chain is maintained to ensure that the temperature does not rise and the milk is fresh.

Simply put, we take the milk, just as our healthy cows give us, put them into hygienic sanitized glass bottles, seal them and deliver them over to your door step. All this in very minimal time, so that you can enjoy the goodness of our fresh and creamy milk. This is so unlike the usual homogenized packed milk that we consume today. And even unlike the raw milk that we get today from local sources. There is nothing that we add to the milk that we supply. Yes you read it right, not even water! Now, beat that! There is nothing extra about this milk. This is just milk, pure milk and that is what is special !

This is an initiative of a group of farmers who have been successfully engaged in value addition and marketing such value added agriculture products for few years. Though the group consists of predominately farmers, there is a multitude of expertise and professional academic background associated with each of them. Their endeavours have been always to bring unique, ethically right and safe to eat produce in a world of adulterated food space. The group envisages to elevate the quality of life of those marginal farmers associated with it and at the same time be responsible and non-compromising, in terms of quality and safety, towards its customers.
The characteristics and the tone of the organization are set, right from the beginning, as an entity to address those critical issues prevailing in the industry. This gives practically a sustainable edge for this organization in the market. The infusion of technology is put to optimal use for suiting the needs of modern day consumers.
The organization is engaged in carving a niche path for its own growth in a market which is dominated by various vested groups. The organization intends to look at the market gap of pathetic status of ‘demand versus supply’ scenario. This enables every stakeholder to relate oneself with any of the value chain in their own capacity.
We, at TryOnce, believe in collaborating with marginal women farmer groups, who happens to earn their livelihoods out of caring these cattle as their family members. They have been ignored by the mainstream players and often, even cooperatives have tried to upset their natural and cost effective feeding practices by inducing branded/ manufactured feeds to suit their market demands and seasons. The damages it propels to the animal’s health and in turn, precipitates in the milk as well, has never been a consideration of these sharks, which neither care for the consumers’ health nor the animal’s health. For these hapless women farmers, who are attached to these poor animals, which are not treated as a ‘milk producing machine’ (unlike in a farm), have an entirely different culture of treating the cattle. In such scenario, the loss of their cattle is devastating, both emotionally and financially for these farmers. Every cow, which is fed only with artificially developed cattle feeds and pellets alone, would undergo a severe deficit in calcium in its body, which eventually lead it to its death. Most of these animals would not be able to walk without limping at all. That’s a symptom of the deficit and it leads to more complications and eventually death of the animals. As a matter of fact, the deficit of calcium in these cow’s body would definitely reflect in its milk as well.
These hapless farmers are finding it difficult to manage pressure from corporate feeding practices of these conglomerates including the cooperatives, where they’re forced to buy and use urea enriched pellets and blood meal enriched feeds sold by these sharks to suit their marketing needs. This had slowly made them detach themselves from such organisations and ultimately leave them as stranded, out of the secured marketing network of these mainstream set-ups. These farmers are grouped together to stand on their own, with continuous awareness on the need for standard hygienic practices through SOPs with the help of rural NGOs and such social engineering organisations.
Being farmers of various levels, it gives immense pride to align with these marginal farmers who happened to contribute a dominant portion of the milk produced in this country.

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